We are a Nairobi based Tour Company, specializing in Wildlife Safaris, Wildlife Adventure Tours, as well as luxury Honeymoon Packages.  Some of our destinations include the beautiful Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo, and our cherished Nairobi National Park. Wendo Safaris creates a customized vacation package that will be the most memorable experience of your life.


Looking to visit Africa but do not have any idea where to begin? Arrange your vacation to Africa by simply following all of these 6 simple steps listed below. The check-list is going to take you step-by-step through the complete vacation preparation process, from figuring out which place to go in Africa, what things to pack, the best time to book your travel arrangements plus much more. If it is a vacation of your life, it is probably a good idea to begin at Step 1 around a 12 months prior to when you intend to travel.

Step 1: Determine the Place You Wish to Go in Africa

Choosing your holiday destination in Africa can be quite overwhelming. Initially you need to determine what kind of holiday vacation you are looking for. Would you like a beach getaway, some sort of safari, a trek in the desert, or perhaps a little bit of everything?

Step 2: Reserve the Tour, Safari and/or Accommodations

After you have made a decision where and when to travel you’re ready to book the safari tour or at best the very first overnight in the hotel. Think about staying in locally managed hotels and check with the tour/safari company whether they take advantage of locally based travel operators, to ensure the money spent for your vacation remains within Africa.

Step 3: Book the Flight tickets to Africa

Searching for a low-cost airfare to Africa is not easy. Through Europe you are able to benefit from low-cost flight companies traveling to Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, as well as holiday resort locations such as the Gambia. However in general, you will find very little competition for a lot of routes to Africa. Air flights fill fast and costs tend to be high. Buy your flight tickets once your tour, safari and holiday accommodation is actually arranged. Make use of your travel operator’s guidance to have idea of your fare.

Step 4: Obtain Travel Cover

At this point you have spent a great deal of cash on your flight tickets and vacation, it is time to purchase some insurance coverage. It is going to normally cost around 5% – 7% of the amount of your vacation. The majority of tour travel operators should have some insurance protection built-in to the price of your holiday, but confirm before you’ll double cover yourself. Vacation termination insurance coverage is strongly recommended simply because vacations can be very expensive and you will be typically arranging way ahead of time.

Step 5: Have Vaccinations As Well As Malaria Pills

No less than 2 months prior to when you leave for Africa you’ll want to go to a travel medical clinic and then determine precisely what vaccinations are suggested for the vacation destination, in addition to obtaining the appropriate malaria tablets. In years past, quite a few African countries needed tourists to have specific vaccinations to be able to enter. It isn’t really the way it is any longer; nevertheless guidelines do change frequently particularly relating to yellow fever vaccines. A golden rule of thumb is always to consult with any local travel medical center plus do some researching on your own. It will set you back several hundred or so US dollars to have every one of the vaccinations suggested plus your malaria pills

Step 6: Get Yourself a Visa and Bring Up to Date Your Current Passport

To start with, your own passport has to be valid for not less than Six months time from the beginning of the vacation. In case your passport is going to expire, renew it prior to applying for the tourist visa. Visa laws tend to be arbitrary and alter based on the whims of politicians. No less than 2 months prior to your vacation you’ll want to make contact with the embassy of the country that you are going to and look at the visa guidelines which pertain to your own nationality.

Quite a few African countries provide visas in the port of entry, where you can pay a charge to get a stamp inside your passport. Some require that you obtain a visa ahead of time. You will need to complete an application, get yourself a money order and then mail this together with your own passport to the embassy.


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