We are a Nairobi based Tour Company, specializing in Wildlife Safaris, Wildlife Adventure Tours, as well as luxury Honeymoon Packages.  Some of our destinations include the beautiful Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo, and our cherished Nairobi National Park. Wendo Safaris creates a customized vacation package that will be the most memorable experience of your life.


A brief and easy guide, that will help make the African bush escape a comfy one.

Travel Big or Go Back Home

Typically many people suggest any holiday maker to remain inside a modest spending budget, however Africa safaris are generally fairly inexpensive for that which is provided, even though the expense can feel as being a good deal to lay out at once. Kruger National Park, the Serengeti, the Botswana Chobe Delta, Zambia, or even the Masai Mara, are actually once-in-a-lifetime activities in which you’ll should do the proper way and typically the correct way is expensive.

Carry Sunscreen Lotion and Also Pack the Necessities

You can put on camouflage clothing if you wish to appear to be some sort of hunter coming from Texas, but for the greater degree basic and comfy clothing is going to do.


Don’t kill yourself around studying each and every last fine detail in regards to the amazing African outdoor; you’ll end up whirling about inside an online never-ending loop which won’t allow you to go for countless hours before you recognize that you’ve really explored just about everything as well as winnowed it down to pretty much nothing.

Concentrate on a couple of subject areas in which you’d love to find out about and wish to include on your own vacation. After that jot down in a text document or even a continuous e-mail. Save URL’s along with hubs where individuals already have responded to a number of your very best queries.

Be Prepared For Unwinding Too

Safaris tend to be action-packed. You will get up at the start of the early morning prior to when the brightness will come on the skyline to listen to the sounds of lions following the hunt plus wild birds tweeting away on the rising of the sunlight.

During the night you’ll be on a busy schedule for many hours looking for the Big Five, possible predators along with unsuspecting prey as you go along. You’re going to get up, discover rest, eat, snooze, experience, consume, and nap.

Carry a novel, lie down inside a hammock and then absorb some essential calmness.

Become Innovative

Take a good old fashioned paper and pen and then take note of exactly what you’ve accomplished for a single day. Create a narrative as well as a few notes, bullet point highlights or simply doodle pictures of the Big Five inside a journal. Carry a film digicam around and then take arty wide-angle images which feature huge panoramas and perhaps a few wildlife.


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