We are a Nairobi based Tour Company, specializing in Wildlife Safaris, Wildlife Adventure Tours, as well as luxury Honeymoon Packages.  Some of our destinations include the beautiful Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo, and our cherished Nairobi National Park. Wendo Safaris creates a customized vacation package that will be the most memorable experience of your life.


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African elephants once numbered in the millions across Africa has been quickly declining in population since the mid-1980’s. This devastating problem is due to poaching for ivory and meat, and the conflicts with human populations and the loss of habitat.

A short documentary about conserving the Grevy’s Zebra featuring the work of Belinda Low and the Grevy’s Zebra Trust.

If you are looking to scratch taking a safari off your bucket list, make sure you ask your safari guide to show you the “the big 5”. Not sure what “the big 5” is ? Take a look at this image that shows you the top 5 animals safari goers want to see.  

Grevy’s Zebra, named after Jules Grevy, is now in real danger of becoming extinct. According to the Kenya Wildlife Service , the animal was once seen in six African countries and had an estimated population of 15,000 in the 1970’s. Recent studies are showing a dwindling population of 2000, with the majority of the population […]

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