We are a Nairobi based Tour Company, specializing in Wildlife Safaris, Wildlife Adventure Tours, as well as luxury Honeymoon Packages.  Some of our destinations include the beautiful Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo, and our cherished Nairobi National Park. Wendo Safaris creates a customized vacation package that will be the most memorable experience of your life.


When it comes to wildlife safaris, Southern Africa consists of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi as well as Zambia whilst East Africa is basically Kenya along with Tanzania. Meanwhile, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and also the Democratic Republic of the Congo; pretty much all these areas are popular for gorilla tracking safaris and are typically viewed as Central Africa

With regards to landscapes plus interesting attractions, all the regions are really diverse. East Africa showcases Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti Plains/Maasai Mara ecosystem and also the Ngorongoro Crater. Southern Africa features Botswana’s Okavango Delta wetland, the Skeleton Coast plus Namib Desert of Namibia, the miles of coast having diversified habitats as well as the Kruger National Park of South Africa and the semi-arid Kalahari Desert of Botswana and northern South Africa and the lower Zambezi River basin including Victoria Falls alongside borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

All the wildlife species seen in the 2 locations really are basically the same; the majority of the predators in addition to plains game may be seen in the two locations and just a few wild birds and some mammals as well as reptiles tend to be distinctive between locations. East Africa features herds of zebras and also wildebeests within the many thousands. Typically the yearly migration amongst the Maasai Mara from the north and Tanzania’s Serengeti in the south is really a scene unparalleled just about anywhere in the world today. Nevertheless, Botswana as well as Zimbabwe is actually the place to find 80% of South Africa’s 300,000 elephants and enormous herds really are a frequent sight around the northern region.

The key distinctions between East Africa and Southern Africa regarding safaris will be the density of holidaymakers, all of the safari places to stay and also the safari cars or trucks. East Africa generally has gained a reputation for a high density of holidaymakers vacationing in hotel-styled accommodations.

The most typical safari car or truck in East Africa is definitely the mini-van featuring its pop-up roof structure, by which travelers stand up in order to take photographs whilst looking out from the roof top or just sit down within the enclosed vehicles. Alternatively, Southern Africa is renowned for the luxurious tented safari camps and large areas of wilderness regions along with surprisingly low tourist densities, creating an exclusive safari adventure. All of the safari cars or trucks utilized here tend to be customized, open-air Land Rovers that also increase the intimacy of your experience.

Having said that you can find a increasing range of luxurious accommodations appearing within East Africa, specifically in Tanzania that will offer you a much more exclusive experience compared to the large safari lodges which might have typified Kenya and Tanzania.

Generally speaking, Southern Africa is covered with large land concessions that are owned or simply leased by luxurious safari camping travel operators, and the concessions are actually for the sole use of the individual camp and the visitors. Having an typical camp size of no more than 10-16 visitors and just a couple of cars or trucks for the whole concession, you are able to drive throughout the day and never come across anything at all but wilderness combined with wild animals.


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